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The days, although short and cold, are beginning to lengthen and the promise of spring is beginning to show with the emergence of early flowering plants such as Snowdrops.


  • Continue to tidy beds and borders and then mulch with compost, well-rotted manure or bark and apply a slow release fertiliser such as bonemeal.
  • Continue to prune out dead, damaged, or diseased branches from established trees and shrubs in frost-free weather.
  • Continue to firm in the roots of trees and shrubs that are lifted by frost.
  • Remove snow from evergreen trees and shrubs to prevent branches being snapped.

Bedding Plants

  • Now's a good time to decide on the plants you'd like to plant for summer colour.
  • Look back over the successes from last year and decide what didn't work so well that could be improved for this year.


  • Check the fixings on hanging baskets to make sure they are secure.


  • If not already done, clean and overhaul any machinery, oiling parts and storing under cover.
  • Choose different paths when crossing the lawn, as continually following the same route will cause compaction.
  • Avoid walking on your lawn when it is frosty, as this will cause damage.


  • Continue to plant new fruit trees and bushes providing the ground is not frozen or too wet.
  • Continue to prune Apple and Pear trees.
  • Check and firm in all newly planted fruit trees and bushes.
  • Check the stakes on fruit trees, and tighten or loosen them as necessary, replacing any that are broken.

The Vegetable Garden

  • Select the varieties you intend to grow during the year and order seed or baby plants.
  • Continue to dig over vacant ground and dig in well-rotted manure or compost providing the ground is not too wet or frozen.
  • Towards the end of the month consider putting up plastic cloches to warm the soil before planting early crops.
  • If not already ordered, buy and store seed potatoes in a dark place.

The Greenhouse

  • Do not water plants too much - only when the compost is dry.
  • Check plants regularly for pests and disease i.e. moulds and fungus.
  • Ventilate only on warm days.
  • Start to heat greenhouses that have peaches and vines in them.
  • Prune Grape vines now before the sap rises.


  • Keep an area of the pond free of ice to help fish to breathe.

General Tasks

  • Provide food and water for garden birds.
  • Clean and oil all garden tools.
  • Check Dahlia tubers, Gladioli and Begonia corms that are being stored and remove any that are rotting.
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