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Miracle-Gro Flower Magic Jug - Multi-Coloured Mix - 4m2

Miracle-Gro Flower Magic Jug - Multi-Coloured Mix - 4m2

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Months of beautiful multi-coloured flowers with this unique, easy to use mix of flower seeds, feed and coir from Scotts Miracle-Gro. Everyone wants beautiful flowers in their garden - easily and effortlessly. That's the promise behind Miracle-Gro flower magic. A wide mix of varieties which bloom at different times, create an ever changing and attractive display in your garden. The coir is a super absorbent growing material that absorbs 8 times it weight in water like a sponge, and expands to surround the seeds in a moist, protective layer, ensuring your young plants build strong healthy roots. It even takes the guess work out of watering; when it turns light brown you know it's time to water! Great results are guaranteed with this all-in-one mix!

  • The simple solution for great looking flowers: just apply, add water and let Miracle-Gro flower magic almost do the work for you!
  • How will flower magic transform your garden? Week 2 - First shoots appear. Week 4 - Young green plants. Week 6 - First flowers appear. Summer months - beautiful floral displays. (Exact results will vary depending on rainfall and temperature)
  • Flowers in as little as 6 weeks
  • Contains up to 29 flower seed varieties
  • Early Bloomers - June to July: Marigold, Californian Poppy, Alyssum, Morning Glory, Toadflax, Viscaria
  • Late Bloomers - July to October: Stocks, Californian Bluebell, Zinnia, Godetia, Candytuft, Cosmos
  • Covers up to 4m2
  • Can be sown from March to mid June
  • For optimum results sow in April or when risk of frost has passed
  • Flowers from June to October
  • Flowering height: 20-50cm
  • Convenient shaker jar system for ease of application
  • Enriched with Miracle-Gro plant food
  • Feeds for up to 4 months
  • Grows up to twice as many flowers
  • For use in beds, borders and flowering containers
(61319128 / 5010272091502 / SCO0860)

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